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Panoramic Photography Revealed. Part IV: Appendix / Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I get an error when opening my virtual tour from my local computer instead of a webserver?

This is a very frequent problem and it’s caused by the Flash Player’s security settings. It is in fact possible to set the Flash Player to display panoramas on your local computer, and it’s very easy, too. Here is what you do:

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Panoramic Photography Revealed. Part III: Creating Perfect Virtual Tours, The Open Source Way

If you followed my first two articles about panoramic photography, you now have seen how to build your own panohead and how to create panoramas with the pictures you have shot with it. This article will show you how to create a high quality virtual tour by connecting multiple panoramas together, adding background music and/or sound, setting hotspots, defining actions and so on.

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Hinter den Kulissen der Panoramafotografie. Teil II: Perfekte Panoramen, Open Source.

Los geht’s! Ich war also draußen in der Natur und habe ein paar schöne Bilder gemacht, und diese möchte ich jetzt zu einem Panorama zusammenfügen. Für alle die (noch) nicht wissen wie man Bilder für diesen Zweck schießt und worauf dabei zu achten ist, ist das hier das falsche Tutorial. Ich werde erst nach diesem Schritt einsteigen. Grundlagen für die Panoramafotografie findet man zum Beispiel hier: http://www.panoguide.com/howto/ oder einfach in dem man „Panorama“ und „Tutorial“ bei Google eingibt.

Ich werde versuchen mich so nah wie möglich an der oben aufgeführten Toolchain zu halten, also jeweils die Schritte zu beschreiben, was dabei passiert und wie das Ergebnis nach dem entsprechenden Schritt aussieht

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40 Jahre FH Aachen: Fluently Science Laserinstallation

Zum 40. Jubiläum der FH Aachen hat der Fachbereich Gestaltung unter der Leitung von Prof. Plum eine spektakuläre Laserinstallation auf dem Katschhof aufgebaut, die mit 3 sehr starken grünen Lasern, Wassersprühern und Nebelmaschinen so etwas wie ein „künstliches Polarlicht“ erzeugt. Die Installation, die im Mai 2011 schon beim Beyond Festival in Karlsruhe zu sehen war, konnte nun zwei Tage lang auf dem Platz zwischen Aachener Dom und Rathaus bestaunt werden.

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Panoramic Photography Revealed. Part II: Creating Perfect Panoramas, The Open Source Way

So, let’s get started! You went to the countryside and made some nice looking pictures? You would like to stitch them together to a panorama covering a full sphere? If you don’t know how to shoot pictures in a way that they fit for this purpose, this is not the tutorial for you. I will start right after that step. If you need some help with the basics of panoramic photography, the tutorials on panoguide.com might be helpful for you: http://www.panoguide.com/howto/.

I will try to describe the steps as closely as possible to the workflow above, with the respective interaction you have to do, an overview about what you will get and how it will look after that step

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Panoramic Photography Revealed. Part I: Hardware for Panoramic Photography, DIY

There are several companies out there selling very good, but also very expensive panoramic tripod heads. Those are mostly of very good quality and I guess the price is not really a big deal for professionals, their equipment quite often is about 20 or 50 times the value. You can find a pretty complete list of manufactors on the panotools website. But if you like to get started with panoramic photography as non-professional you are probably not convinced about investing 300€ before you even know if panoramic photography is the thing for you. For me, it was the same. So I searched for do-it-yourself tutorials of panoramic heads and I indeed found a lot.

But, most of them were focused on the regular guy without a lot of tools at hand and used very basic materials from the hardware store as well as pretty easy assembly techniques. The results were fair for the effort, but they have some problems competing with the commercial solutions.

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