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Hi folks,

many of you visited this page because of my series of tutorials about panoramic photography using open source software. Besides regular and widely known software such as GIMP I used SaladoConverter and SaladoPlayer, the latter also known as OpenPano. Unfortunately, the Salado project was stopped at some point, the website and forum does not exist anymore, neither does the wiki. In my tutorial about panoramic tours I uploaded SaladoPlayer in one of the latest stable versions 1.3 as the project shifted to OpenPano, because my tutorial wouldn’t work for OpenPano due to fundamental changes. The development of OpenPano was stopped eventually and so the original software is nowhere to be found.

I don’t think that many people are interested in the software anymore, but as I was involved in the development of SaladoPlayer from 0.5 to 1.3.5, I have the files here anyway. So I thought, why not share it with the world. SaladoPlayer is still a nice piece of software, it still works and is stable. And it seems like I am a bit sentimental about how the project died. It was a fun little community, really liked the time we spent together on this. After all, i never did the switch, all my panoramas on this website are still using SaladoPlayer.

So, long story short, if you were looking for the downloads and came here from google, here you are:

SaladoPlayer-1.3.5.zip (12,4 MiB) – Containts the documentation (basically, the old wiki!).

For convenience, I uploaded the docs to be available online, too: http://tilmanbremer.de/panorama/SaladoPlayer/index.html

SaladoPlayer-1.3.zip (5,7 MiB)

SaladoConverter-0.5.zip (2,6 MiB)

And while we’re at it, the predecessor to SaladoPlayer, and where it got its name from, PanoSalado2 (actually, the name of course came from PanoSaldo V1):

PanoSalado2.zip (GPL – 390 KiB)

Even though almost any device can produce 360° panoramas nowadays, the quality is usually not convincing. That has changed suprisingly little since 2010, the beginning of SaladoPlayer. You still need to know a thing or two about photography, and you still need to do a little coding to get really amazing results. All the smartphones and the apps in the world are still not on the level we have been with our DSLRs and SaladoPlayer 5 years ago. Everyone can post their panoramas now on facebook, but there is still some quality in well made immersive virtual tours. I think that is reason enough to remember SaladoPlayer :-).


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